Welcome to my home page

Our purpose is to be different, so please feel free to ask us
Miketama Net operates on multiple domains including http://mike-tama.net. Why? I wonder why
I'm often asked ... What site is this? At first, it was an izakaya, but since I was able to do anything while doing various things, it is a so-called self-satisfaction site
I switched to running my own server so I think it will be heavy at night! Well, is it heavy during the daytime But I can do anything because the Web space is freeI'm operating on a rental server now! scared
I think there are a lot of deficiencies, so feel free to point me out.
The link is free, so you can link it anywhere. Please feel free to paste it


Currently it is not a home server, so it will be transferred to http://mike-tama.ddo.jp/ to http://mike-tama.net /.


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